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Tusser redivivus: being part of Mr. Thomas Tusser's [']Five Hundred Points of Husbandry[']


subjects: husbandry, household management,

  • 1. Tusser redivivus: being part of Mr. Thomas Tusser's [']Five Hundred Points of Husbandry[']; . . . To which are added notes and observations explaining many obsolete terms. etc. [12 parts . . . bound in 1 Volume]. [Another edition].
    Sold by John Morphew   1710
    19 cm.   [----] pls.  
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    --another ed. London: printed for M. Cooper, and sold by John Duncan, 1744. [3 sh. 6 d.] ENLS;.LeU(B): DCLC
    1. In a note to the 1638 ed., Stark, p. 8, states: 'First published London, 1573, as an enlargement of his: A hundreth good pointes of husbandrie (London, 1557).' The same edition has a full entry in Murphy, p. 44 [Five Hundred points of good Husbandry . . . besides the Booke of Huswifery, London: printed by I[ohn ?] O[kes ?] for the Company of Stationers, 1638] -- with the following note: 'Tusser's homely and aphoristic verses were of great value in their day; since then they have earned the praise of Davy, who styled their author "the British Varro," of Southey, and of Scott. The last named held this book, for evidence of "rigid and minute attention to every department of domestic economy," comparable only to Swift's "Directions to Servants." [see under earlier entry: SWIFT, Jonathan, Directions to servants] Tusser . . . wrote in the tongue of ploughmen for ploughmen's understanding; he was rewarde

    Bitting, p. 468