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Complete Servant Maid

By Barker, Mary Anne [afterwards Broome, Lady]

subjects: servants,

  • 1. The Complete Servant Maid: or a Young Woman's best Companion
    Containing full, plain, ans easy Directions for qualifying them for Service in General, but more especially for the Places of:
    Lady's Woman, Laundry Maid,
    Housekeeper, Cook Maid,
    Chambermaid, Kitchen, or
    Nusery Maid, Scullery Maid,
    Housemaid, Dairy Maid.
    To which are added, useful Instructions for discharging the Duties of each Character, with Reputation to themselves, and Satisfaction to their employers. Including a Variety of useful Receipts (proper to be known by all young Persons) particularily for cleaning Household Furniture, Silks, Laces, Gold, Silver, Wearing apparel, etc, etc. By Mrs. Anne Barker, who having for many Years discharged the Office of Housekeeper in the most respectable Families, wishes to communicate her Experience to those of her own Sex, whose Circumstances oblige them to live in Servitude.
    Be honest and trusted - be prudent and prais'd,
    Be mild to be pleasing - and meek to be rais'd:
    For the Servant whose Diligence strikes Envy dumd,
    Shall in place be admir'd - and a Mistress become.
    1762 (c.)

    There are no cookery recipes. The cook maid is advised to buy 'The Complete English Cook', written by Mrs. Brookes.

    see in Axford, L (alph); see in BLIC 1770 ed (787.f.22), also in Oxford, A. W. (1762)