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Haven of health

By Coghan, Thomas

subjects: diet, health, domestic medicine,

  • 1. The Haven / of Health: / Chiefly gathered for the comfort of stu- / dents, and consequently of all those that have a / care of their health, amplified upon five words of / Hippocrates, written Epid. 6. Labor, Libus, / Potio, Somnu, Venus. By Thomas Cogan / master of Artes, & Bacheler / of Physicke. / Hereunto is added a Preservation from the Pestilence, / with a short censure of one late sicknes at Oxford. /Ecclesiasticus. Cap. 37.30 // By surfet have manie perished: but he that dieteth / himself prolongeth his life.
    Henry Midleton   William Norton   1584
    13 x 18   [i-xvi] 1-284 [285-294]   4o 44 A-Z Aa-Pp4
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    2 Dedication: Syr Edward SeymourÉ (1584).
    2 Address: To the gentle Reader.

    PR 5478