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Naturall and Artificial conclusions

By Hill, Thomas

subjects: household, manners,

  • 1. A Briefe and pleasant / Treatise, Intituled: Naturall / and Artificial conclusions: written / firste by sundry Schollers of the uni / versitie of Padua in Italie, at the instant re- / quest of one Bartholomew a Tuscane: / And now Englished by Thomas Hyll Londoner, / as well for the commoditye od sundrye Arti- / ficers, as for the matters of pleasure to / recreat witts at vacant / times
    Edward Allde   1586
    8.5 x 13.5   8o A-D8
    GB:   LB  

    Contains parlour jokes and some kitchen secrets.
    Cf. William Vaughan. "Naturall and artifical directions" [1600/1602] London

    PR 13481