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Jewel House of Art and Nature

By Platt, Hugh

subjects: husbandry, distillation, domestic science,

  • 1. The / Jewel House / of / Art and Nature: / containing / divers rare and profitable inven - / tions, together with sundry new experiments in / in the Art of Husbandry. [sic] /With / Divers chymical conclusions concerning the art / of distillation, and the rare practice and uses thereof. / Faithfully and familiarly set down, according / to the Authours own experience. / By Sir Hugh Platt of Lincolns-Inne, Knight. / Whereunto is added, A rare and excellent Discourse / of minerals, straw, gummes, and resins, with the virtues and use thereof, By D. B. Gent. /
    Elizabeth Alsop   Elizabeth Alsop   1594 [this edition 1653]
    14.2 x 19.0   [I - viii] 1-232   4o A-Gg4
    GB:   LB  

    A1v: Illustration the size of barley ear with woodcut.
    A2: Dedication to Boultroad Whitcock, Lord Commissioners of Great Seal of England
    A3: Table, by numbered recipe.

    PR 19991 - 1594 version is listed; also 19991.5 - another 1594 version. In Wing under author Platt, H (P2391); BLC c.136.f.26; 1651/1563, 62.a.26.