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Entrees and table dainties


  • 1. Entrees | and | table dainties | for the epicure | by | H. C. Davidson
    New York and London: [printed by Strangeways and Sons, London, for] White and Allen; 1889
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    NUCat attributes this title to Mrs Davidson's husband, Hugh Coleman Davidson (born 1852); however, like the 1888 edition of "Dainties English and foreign', this book has 124 pages, and a comparison of photocopies of a few pages with "Dainties English and foreign' leads me to believe that it is a retitled edition of the same work.

  • 2. — Dainties | English and foreign | by | Mrs. H. C. Davidson | author of "Cold Meat Cookery", | "Egg Dainties, How to Cook Eggs in 150 Ways, | English and Foreign.
    London: L. Upcott Gill; nd
    17.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-9] 10-136, [1] 2-13 [14-16] ads   [1s on binding]   Paper with chef holding up dish on front
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    Incorrectly, there are no closing quotation-marks following "... Ways, English and Foreign.` on the title-page.
    The text now contains 299 numbered recipes. LoEN dates this edition [1899]. The date is confirmed by an advertisement on page 13 at the back of the book for the 1899 edition of "Seaside watering places'. A note in the advertisement says that "corrections... for the 1900 edition should now be sent in.`% American editions: Gourley "Eating round the world' lists an edition of "Dainties English and foreign' published in New York by Scribner in 1899.% 0713