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A handbook of plain cookery

By DAVIES, Miss Hester

subjects: general, education, professional,

  • 1. A handbook | of | plain cookery | by | Hester Davies, | Superintendent of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Training | School of Cookery; | with a preface by Lady Aberdare.
    London: McCorquodale and Co Ltd; [1892]
    21.0 x 13.5 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-105   Brown paper covered boards
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    The preface is signed "Norah Aberdare. Duffryn, August, 1892.' In the introduction the author writes that the book is for "those who have taken up the teaching of cookery for their life work, and for the busy mothers of families'. Pages 8-9 contain specimen lectures for children in elementary schools and for adult classes.

  • 2. — [Another edition, eighth, nd]
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    LB dates this eighth edition of 132 pages [1902].% 0728

  • 3. — [Another edition, ninth, nd]

    CBCat 13 lists this edition.% 0729

  • 4. — [Another edition, tenth, nd]

    The tenth edition, still published by McCorquodale and Co, is listed in AbCat Winter 1980.% 0730