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Good huswifes Jewell

By Dawson, Thomas

subjects: cookery, distillation, medicine, husbandry,

  • 1. The / good huswifes / Iewell. Wherein is to be found most excel- / lent and rare Devises for conceites in / cookery, found out by the prac / tise of Thomas Dawson. / Whereunto is adjoined sundry approved / receits for many sovereaine oyles, and / the way to distill many precious / waters, with divers approved / medicines for many / diseases. / Also certain approved points of husbandry, very necessary for all husbandmen to know. / Newly set forth with additions. 1596.
    Edward White   1596
    foliated to 53 [54-5]   4o A-G4
    GB:   LB  

    Bound in with "Widdowe's Treasure" (1595)
    Table on [54-5].

    PR 6392