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Second part of good huswives Jewell

By Dawson, Thomas

subjects: distillation, syrups, cookery, carving,

  • 1. The / second part of / the good hus-wives / Iewell. / Where is to be found most apt and readiest wayes to distill many whol- / some and sweet waters. / In which likewise is shewed the best maner / in preserving of divers sorts of fruits, & / making of sirrops. / With divers conceits in Cookerie with the booke of carving. /
    E. Aude   Edward White   1597
    9 x 14   Foliated 1-72   B8 A-G8 Ai - Aiv} table
    GB:   LB  

    See "A booke of cookerie" (1597)
    Ai-Aiv: Table.

    PR 6394