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Universal dictionary of menus in English, French and German

By DUCHAMP, Henri and Albert Jenning

subjects: menus,

  • 1. Universal dictionary | of | menus | in English, French and German | by | Henri Duchamp | and | Albert Jenning. | Dictionnaire universel | pour la traduction des | menus | en franc5ais, en anglais et en allemand | par | M. Henri Duchamp | et | M. Albert Jenning. | Allgemeines Wo4rterbuch | fu4r uebersetzung der | Speisekarten | von den Herren | Henri Duchamp | und | Albert Jenning.
    London: the authors; [1888]
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-5] 6-30, [i-ii] ads   [1s 6d on binding]   Red cloth
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    The publication date is taken from an introductory note on page 3 dated London, April 1888. The text is printed in three columns, the first column being in French, the second in English and the third in German.% Other editions: Bitting 133 and NUCat list Zurich: Verlag von Orell Fu4ssli and Co, 1888. NUCat also records the fourth edition, Zurich: Art. Institut Orell Fu4ssli, [1905], and the fifth edition, Zurich: O. Fu4ssli, [copyright 1911]. LCS holds the fifth edition as cited by NUCat, and the sixth edition, Zurich and Leipzig: Orell Fu4ssli Verlag, [copyright 1911].
    The book was later revised by Ernst Pauli. LB holds the seventh edition, revised by Pauli, Zurich and Leipzig: Orell Fu4ssli Verlag, [1940]. The verso of the title-page of this edition records the sixth edition as published in 1928. CBCat cites "The menu-translator` published in Zurich in 1950. NUCat lists the ninth edition, revised by Pauli, Zurich: Orell Fu4ssli, [1955]. The book was still being published in the sixties as LB holds the tent