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Practical pastry

By VINE, Frederick T.

subjects: pastry,

  • 1. Practical pastry: | A handbook for pastrybakers, cooks | and confectioners, | by | Fredk. T. Vine | (Compton Dene), | author of "Ices," "Cakes, and How to Make Them," "Sponge Cake Batter," | "Popular Penny Cakes," "Biscuits for Bakers," &c., &c.
    London: Hampton and Co; 1894
    17.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-2] ads, [i-ii] tp, [1-5] 6-212, [i-xii] ads   [2s 6d on binding]   Brown paper covered boards
    GB:   LB   *LCF   LoEN   OB  

    The seven chapters include "Materials and utensils", "Pastry and its accessories", "Cheesecakes and their fittings", "Tartlets in variety", "Miscellaneous pastry", "Talmouses, fanchonettes and darioles", and "Puddings, pies and entremets of pastry". There are 444 numbered recipes.
    The LCF copy is inscribed on the title-page "To Chas. H. Senn Esq. with the authors [{{sic}}] compliments".

  • 2. — [Another edition, second, 1898]

    Cited in CBCat 2/77 and AbCat Winter 1979.

  • 3. — Practical pastry: | a handbook for pastry bakers, cooks, and | confectioners. | By | Fredk. T. Vine | ("Compton Dene"), | author of "Ices," "Cakes, and How to Make Them," "Saleable Shop | Goods," "Practical Bread-making," "Biscuits for Bakers," "Savoury | Pastry," "Christmas Puddings," &c., &c. | Third edition.
    London: Office of the "Baker and confectioner"; 1907
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [5-7] 8-224   [3s on spine]   Red cloth
    GB:   *LWel  
    US:   NN  

    This edition has 447 numbered recipes.