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Savoury pastry

By VINE, Frederick T.

subjects: pastry,

  • 1. Savoury pastry: | savoury dish and raised pies, pork pies, | patties, vol-au-vents, mincemeats | and pies, and miscellaneous | savoury pastries. | By | Fredk. T. Vine | ("Compton Dene"). | Author of "Practical Pastry," "Ices," "Biscuits for Bakers," "Cakes," | "Practical Bread-making," "Saleable Shop Goods," | &c., &c.
    London: Office of the "Baker and confectioner"; 1900
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-iv] ads, [3-8], [i-iv] ads, [9] 10-192, [i-vi] ads, 193-196, [i-iv] ads   [2s 6d on binding]   Brown paper covered boards
    GB:   *LoEN  

    The preface says that "the first two chapters have been almost exactly retained as they appear in "Practical pastry"".

  • 2. — [Another edition, nd]
    US:   NN  

    NUCat cites London: The Baker and Confectioner Ltd, [192-?], pages 196, at NN.