Household Books Published in Britain: all volumes

The middle class cookery book

By VOLANT, F. and J. R. Warren

  • 1. OB holds, and BMCat cites, "The middle class cookery book" [bound with] "The housekeeper's assistant: containing three hundred and fifty receipts" by Volant and Warren, London: Diprose and Bateman, nd. The frontispiece of the first-named title has the caption, "Economical cookery by Volant and Warren, Assistants to the late A. Soyer". The cover-title reads, "The middle-class cookery book and housekeeper's assistant. 350 receipts". OB dates the book [1876]; BMCat, which also records the initials of each author's given name(s), dates it [1877].%
    I have also seen in a British bookseller's stock an undated, six-penny edition, "The middle class economical cookery book", London: Diprose and Bateman, nd, pages [i-ii] publ ads, [3-7] 8-100, [i-ii] publ ads. The frontispiece is entitled "The economy of cookery" and on the apron of the man depicted are the authors' names, Volant and Warren.
    The first edition (copy at OB; cited in BMCat) was published in London and is dated 1860. It was issued with the title, "The economy of cookery, for the middle class, the tradesman". Since the first edition of the book was published before the period covered by this bibliography, the later editions are not catalogued fully here.