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Assise of bread

By Powel, John

subjects: bread,

  • 1. The assise of bread, newly corrected and enlarged, from twelue pence the quarter of wheat, vnto three pound and sixe pence the quarter, according to the rising and falling of the price thereof in the market, by sixe pence altering in euery quarter of wheate, : together with sundrie good and needfull ordinances for bakers, brewers, inholders, victuilers, vintners, and butchers: and also other assises in weights and measures, which by the lawes of this realme, are commanded to be obserued and kept by all manner of persons, as well within liberties as without. Whereunto are also added sundry good & needful orders in making and retailing all kinds of lawfull bread, vendible vnto her Maiesties subiects in the common wealth: agreeing with the statutes, lawes, and auncient orders and customes of this realme of England. The which statutes and ancient orders and customes for marketing and retailing of all lawfull sorts of bread, as aforesaid, haue beene heretofore seene, allowed, and are commanded to be kept, by the right honourable the lords and others of the Queenes Maiesties honourable priuie counsell.
    Iohn Windet   1600

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    PR 874 under Assize of Bread PR 863.5