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Study and work at the Kensington School for Cookery

By WALLACE, Maria S.

subjects: education, vocational,

  • 1. Study and work | at the | Kensington School for Cookery. | By | Maria S. Wallace, | Associate of First Class.
    London: Mozley and Smith; 1877
    14.5 x 9.5 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-24   [3d on binding]   Blue paper
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    The book is a reprint of an article in "The monthly packet", August 1877, and gives an account of the author's study at the National Training School for Cookery through a complete course of lessons beginning July 1875. It also covers the author's experience of teaching at the school after finishing her studies. The book is interesting for its glimpse of the school in its early days.