Household Books Published in Britain: all volumes

Extracts and beverages [No. 2]

By WANDLE, Jennie Taylor

subjects: beverages,

  • 1. Vol. X., No. I. March, 1897. | Metropolitan pamphlet series. | Issued quarterly: | Subscription price, 2s. or 50 cents. Price per copy, 6d. or 15 cents. | Extracts | and | beverages: | the preparation of | cordials, syrups, refreshing beverages, | colognes, perfumes and | various toilet articles. [Cover-title]
    London and New York: The Butterick Publishing Co Ltd; 1897
    Bib:   Noling 431  
    US:   DLC  

    The book has 46 pages. DLC reports that pages 1-29 are devoted to potables, pages 30-46 to perfumes and extracts. The cover-title is transcribed from a photocopy of the binding supplied by DLC.
    A handwritten note on the binding attributes the book to Mary Morrison; however, no mention of Morrison is made in the NUCat entry for the work.