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Home-made cakes and sweets

By YOUNG, Mrs Hannah M.

subjects: desserts, candies, preserves,

  • 1. Home-made | cakes and sweets | bon bons, bottled fruits, jams, | marmalades, wines, etc. | by | Mrs. H. M. Young | First Class Diplomee as Demonstrator of Cookery; authoress of "The | Housewife's Manual of Domestic Cookery," etc., etc. | Obtainable from | Mrs. Young, Harston, Cambridge | Price 1s. net, post free 1s. 2d.
    Cambridge: W. Heffer and Sons; London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co; 1904
    18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] ads, [1-5] 6-62 [63-64], [i-vi] ads   1s   Blue cloth with grape-vine design on front
    Bib:   A208   B508  
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    US:   ICJ  

    The preface is dated 15 January 1904. There are 129 numbered recipes. The sections on sweetmeats, jams and wines are almost an exact reproduction of the text of the author's "Home-made sweetmeats" published in 1902.