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Domestic and economical cookery recipes

By RICHMOND, Miss Lillie

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  • 1. Domestic | and | economical | cookery | recipes, | with | special hints | on | gas cooking. | By Miss Lillie Richmond, | Gold Medallist, First Class Diplomee North Midland School of Cookery. | Price two shillings.
    London and Manchester: Cartwright and Rattray Ltd; nd
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-iv], [1] 2-252, i-xlvi   2s   Brown cloth
    GB:   *Priv coll   LCF   LWel  

    Most pages, including the title-page, have a red-line border. The text contains 622 numbered recipes.
    The book appears in part to have been published to promote Richmond Gas Stoves. Two blank, ruled leaves, not included in the pagination, between pages 16 and 17 and pages 144 and 145 are headed by an advertisement for the company's stoves. Moreover, the cover-title of the LCF copy is ""Richmond" cookery book". Is the author's last name purely coincidental or was she related in some way to the Richmond Gas Stove business? Lillie Richmond could also, of course, be a pseudonym.
    This edition was probably published in 1897: an extract from "Huddersfield daily examiner" of 2 July 1897 is reprinted on page xvii, and the publishing history on the verso of the title-page of the second edition records the first edition of 10,000 copies issued in December 1897.

  • 2. — Domestic | and | economical | cookery| recipes, | with special hints | on gas cooking | Price, 2/- Post free, 2/4.
    [London: The Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Co Ltd; 1903]
    19.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-ii], [1-5] 6-297, i [ii] iii [iv] v [vi] vii [viii] ix [x] xi [xii] xiii [xiv] xv [xvi] xvii [xviii] xix [xx] xxi-xliii [xliv] xlv [xlvi] xlvii [xlviii] xlix   2s   Beige cloth with fruit-bearing vine on front
    GB:   *OPo(F)  

    The book is printed in red and black throughout. The place of publication and publisher are found on the first leaf. The following printing history appears on the verso of the title-page: "First edition, 10,000, December, 1897. Reprinted, 5,000, July, 1899. Reprinted, 5,000, March, 1900. Revised and reprinted, 10,000, March, 1903." There is a preface to the second edition dated London, March 1903. The text of this new edition contains 652 numbered recipes.% General comments: See also Surridge, Miss Florence, for a 6d booklet of the same title issued in 1898. Miss Surridge acknowledges taking a number of recipes from the 2s edition of Miss Richmond's book and her smaller volume was also published to promote Richmond Gas Stoves.