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Mrs Rorer's new cook book

By RORER, Mrs Sarah Tyson

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  • 1. [An edition of "Mrs Rorer's new cook book", [copyright 1902]]
    GB:   Priv coll  

    This edition was published in London and Leipsic by T. Fisher Unwin. The copyright date appears on the verso of the title-page. There is no date on the title-page.
    There is no entry for "Mrs Rorer's new cook book" in the EngCat volume for 1901-05. The only entry in EngCat for this title cites an edition published by Unwin in March 1911 at the price of 8s 6d. BMCat records as destroyed an edition, London and Leipsic: printed in the United States for T. Fisher Unwin, 1911, pages 731. It may be that the private collector's copy described here and that formerly held by LB are one and the same edition.