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Mrs Rorer's Philadelphia cook book

By RORER, Mrs Sarah Tyson

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  • 1. Mrs Rorer's | Philadelphia | cook book | a manual | of | home economies | by | Mrs S T Rorer | author of Hot Weather Dishes, Canning and Preserving, etc.; Editor of | Table Talk; Principal of Philadelphia Cooking School; | lecturer before the University of Pennsylvania
    London: [printed by Press of George H. Buchanan and Co, Philadelphia, for] Gay and Bird; [copyright 1886]
    18.0 x 13.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-viii, 1-581, [i-vii] publ ads   Black cloth
    GB:   LoEN missing   *OB  

    The cover-title is "Mrs Rorer's cook book".
    The copyright date is on the verso of the title-page. OB dates its copy, received in March 1893, [1886]. LoEN dates its copy 1892 without brackets.
    Two editions, one of which is an American edition, are recorded in EngCat: Philadelphia: 1886; and London: Gay and Bird, October 1892. The LoEN and OB copies most likely correspond to the EngCat entry for 1892.% American editions: Bitting 405 cites Philadelphia: G. H. Buchanan and Co, 1886. DLC holds Philadelphia: Arnold and Co, [copyright 1886], OrH has Philadelphia: Arnold and Co, [1898?], and IU and OPo(F) both have Philadelphia: Arnold and Co, [copyright 1914].