Household Books Published in Britain: V1 - 1475-1700 (LH)


Lynette Hunter

Accompanying essays:

Lynette Hunter is Distinguished Professor of the History of Rhetoric and Performance at the University of California Davis. She met and worked with Alan Davidson from 1980 as the series editor for the Prospect Books bibliographies on nineteenth century cookery and household books, and has written numerous articles on food history including 'Preparing, Sharing and Eating Food in Panniqtuuq, Nunavut' (2006).

Her research has consistently explored philosophical issues to do with the condition of women and with feminism, as well as the moral and ethical concerns of late-twentieth and early twenty- first century philosophy and theory. Her book Critiques of Knowing: Situated Textualities in Computing, Science and the Arts (1999), and the rather more accessible Literary Value: Critical Power (2001) are good examples of her thinking in these areas. She has also published extensively on early modern rhetoric and literature, as well as book history and the history of science and medicine, most recently co-writing Negotiating Shakespeare's Language in 'Romeo and Juliet' (2009).

Much of her work at the moment is devoted to research projects into alternative methods of democratic communication, the use of performance for social and political questioning and resolution, and the contribution of artistic practice to knowledge and creative insight.