Household Books Published in Britain: V2 - 1700-1800 (VM)


Virginia MacLean

Short-title Catalogue of Household and Cookery Books published in the English Tongue 1700- 1800 (London: Prospect Books, 1982)

Virginia MacLean, now retired, was Senior Lecturer in Food and Beverage Studies at Middlesex Polytechnic in North London (now Middlesex University). She has an M.Litt. from the University of Edinburgh, and is a Fellow of the Hotel, Catering, and Institutional Management Association.

During her earlier work at Napier College in Edinburgh, while she was carrying out research for her first book, Much Entertainment. A Visual and Culinary Record of Johnson and Boswell's Tour of Scotland in 1773, she became fascinated by the culinary literature of the eighteenth century, which resulted in the groundbreaking bibliography generously donated to this database: the fruit of many years' research in the UK and in North America.