Household Books Published in Britain: V4 - 1875-1914 (ED)


Elizabeth Driver

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century British Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain, 1875-1914, Vol. II, pp. 738 (London: Prospect Books, 1989).

Elizabeth Driver is the Director/Curator of Campbell House Museum in Toronto, which has a working 19th-century open hearth kitchen and bake oven. Her interest in the history of food goes back to childhood, when she watched her grandmother cook on the woodstove at their family cottage in Northern Ontario. In a cupboard in that same cottage, she found the 1913 Five Roses Cook Book and old church cookbooks from the 1930s, sparking a life-long passion for historic recipe manuals.

After a stint at the National Gallery of Canada and earning her Master's degree in art history, she worked at a London publisher editing the Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Colour Cookbook. Then came the research and writing of a major bibliography of British 19th-century cookbooks (Prospect Books, 1989), followed by Culinary Landmarks: A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825—1949 (University of Toronto Press, 2008), for which she won the Tremaine Medal from the Bibliographical Society of Canada.

A scholar who also enjoys working in the media of radio and popular print, she has collaborated with Whitecap Books on nine titles in its Classic Canadian Cookbooks Series, debated food topics with Bonnie Stern on CBC Radio, contributed a "Food Roots" column to Edible Toronto, and written numerous articles and book chapters in her field, among them contributions to Culinary Biographies edited by Alice Arndt (Yes Press, 2006), What's to Eat? edited by Nathalie Cooke (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009), and the September 2009 issue of Food, Culture and Society. She teaches an innovative course for George Brown College called "Applied Food History: A Toronto Museum Experience."

In 2009 she was the first person to be inducted into the Canadian Culinary Landmarks Hall of Fame (named after her ground-breaking work) and in 2010 she was named a Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute. She is a past President of the Culinary Historians of Canada and the mother of two children.