Household Books Published in Britain: V5 - 1800-1914 (DA)


Dena Attar

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century British Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain, 1800-1914, Vol. I, pp. 438 (London: Prospect Books, 1987)

Dena Attar is a Senior Lecturer at the Open University in England, the Faculty of Education and Language Studies, Centre for Language and Communication. Her current research interests include: Writing as Professional Practice, Metaknowledge and online literacies; Previous research: The gendered process of developing new literacy practices (DPhil thesis Women Reading Online); Gendered literacy practices amongst 7 to 9 year olds (The Fact and Fiction Project); Gender and home economics, the history of home economics; and The literature of domestic economy (nineteenth and early twentieth century).

Well-known for the bibliography that she has donated to this database, she is also the author of Wasting Girl's Time, and numerous articles on gender, education and home economics. More recent publications include 'Public space and private confusions: the problems of handling email petitions'. Auto/Biography Studies, 21(1), pp. 32—43; and 'Dismay and disappointment: perspectives of inexperienced adult learners on becoming webpage readers'. International Journal of Educational Research, 43(7—8), pp. 495—508. She is currently involved in academic management and teaching courses in children's literature in the London Open University region in which she lives.